Multi Colored Packable Fedora - Lighweight - RMOHATS

Multi Colored Packable Fedora - Lighweight

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A Colorful hat with a style of its own.

Nothing says Fun, Friendly and outgoing then a hat like this

Perfect for those bold events daring to get noticed.
Compliments all skin tones and fits a wide array of outfits.
Designed to last with high quality poly cotton
Pleated band in a royal blue shines in contrast
Crush or shape without fear that this hat only gets better with time

Easy maintenance, simply clean with a rag or dry clean This hat screams quality that has colors,

materials designed to last your adventure and lifetime

Made with 100% poly cotton

  • Plaid hat body
  • 3-pleated royal blue hat band
  • Lined
  • Approx. 4" crown
  • Approx. 1.5" brim

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