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Classic Golf Fedora - Packable

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Take your golf game or you pattern friendly outfit to a whole new level with A perfect Classic finish style hat Made with 100% poly cotton

A wide front brim and sloped back gives that stylish tear drop look

Perfect breathable cotton lined to create a perfect fit with lightweight construction

Easy shape design and pattern of plaid allow for a causal design and comfort you can't beat.

Perfect for Men or Women this hat does don't discriminate.

Crude and rude this plaid hat has all the moves.

snap back and crushable

Being poly cotton the high grade material allows for the hat to stand the test of time, adventure and weather

Simple maintenance to clean, simple as using a damp rag or dry clean keep this hat looking bright year after year

Colors that just don't fade due to the quality and thought in a hat that fits YOUR style

  • Plaid hat body and hat band
  • Signature fabric "K" logo on hat band
  • Lined for sweat wicking properties.
  • Approx. 4" crown
  • Approx. 1.5" brim

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