Earth is a water planet on which quality of water defines quality of life. Humans are polluting most if not all of our great rivers, lakes, seas and oceans. If this beautiful water planet is to survive, something has to be done. Hills of New Zealand and Rocky Mountain Outback are determined to do our part in protecting these resources. Our products are made with the commitment to sustaining our earth through environmentally friendly manufacturing and trade practices.
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'The Hills head-wear is fantastic. THEY HAVE PERFORMED WAY BEYOND ANYONE'S EXPECTATIONS. I think there were those in the crew who might have thought I was extolling the virtues of Hills Hats too much at the beginning of the trip but no longer. They are now all converts. I wear my Hills Hat under harsh weather conditions and know I will stay warm and dry.'
Luke McCabe

'The climates of the countries in the south of Africa were diverse like its cultures and unpredictable like its wildlife. I found my Hills Southern Tech was built for all the environments we visited. The hat is designed comfortably for protection from the cold winds of the Atlantic Ocean, and allowed air to pass through while hiking over desert sands to Deadvlei. The four of us each went to the countries in the south of Africa for different reasons. The reasons we all wear the Southern Tech are the same.'

Daulton Wyatt